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Creating and Sharing Highlight Clips

Clips allows viewers on Twitch to quickly share highlights and moments from our dodgeball streams and post all over social media!

Clips can be created by hovering over the video player and clicking the Clip icon. You may additionally also create a clip using the keyboard shortcut Alt + X on Windows or  + X on Mac.

The Clip button

After clicking the Clip icon or using the keyboard shortcut, a new clip creation page will be opened in a new tab for you. On this page you can select the video segment you wish to include in the final published clip using the slider below the video. Give your clip a title and click the Publish button once you’re finished.

NOTE: Your clip will be published even if you don’t click the Publish button. If you do not want it published you will need to find the clip and delete it.

Once your clip is published you’ll be shown the finished clip. On the right-hand side you’ll find the title, creator, when the clip was created, and how many views that it has had so far.

Below the video you’ll find a link to your clip so that you can share it with others, as well as quick share links that you can use to post your clip to various social media sites. These will also be available in the top right-hand corner when visiting the clip URL.

NOTE: You can also make clips from VODs! Just go to the past broadcasts page and find the VOD you were watching, skip to the segment, and hit that clip button.

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