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How can I get involved?

We’d love for you to stream with us! There are many ways to go about this.

First of all, ask yourself… What’s my venue like? Is the internet there good? Wired or Wi-Fi? The number one potential restriction when streaming with Dodgeball on Twitch, as well as any other streaming service is the speed of the internet in your venue.

When streaming at 1080p and 60fps, the recommended Upload speed is a consistent 8,000kbps (8mbps). At this rate, you can comfortably run your stream at 5,000kbps without many issues or other connections slowing you down.

That would be under worst case conditions. There are many times we’ve streamed at lower rates, but quality can take a hit a lot of the time. See footage below for example.

When using wired internet, it presents a much more stable feed. We usually like to hit that 5,000kbps Upload speed mark, so as long as your venue can handle that, it’s a good start!

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