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How to livestream your dodgeball event

Minimalist, Quantity over Quality

The cheapest and easiest way to stream is to set up a mobile phone with 4G/LTE/WiFi or GoPro Hero 8 (and up) with WiFi with a stand behind and above the court, and connect directly with the Twitch channels through Streamkeys. A minimalist setup like this could be utilized if there is limited space for a full setup at the venue, or in the mobile phones case, you can stream over mobile data if an internet connection cannot be provided by the venue.

This option is perfect for archive-only purposes or the “remote commentary via Discord” option.

This option would not allow for an on-air scoreboard, however there may be ways to accommodate a cloud-based scoreboard in the future.

A remote commentary server can still be set up over Discord and anyone around the world can provide their voice for added stream quality.

Add a little bit more pizzazz!

Want to go another step further? Adding a scoreboard and commentary is a good way to trying moving up! For that, there is a bit more equipment you may need to add to your list.

  • For streaming hub: Laptop or Desktop setup with OBS Studio (or similar program)
    • Recommend at least 8GB RAM to help with processing HD video and 60fps.
    • At least one USB3 port (HDMI capture cards usually require USB3) for one camera input. Any additional cameras will require another USB3 port.
    • Windows can both on-site livestreaming and remote streaming.
    • iOS systems can support on-site livestreaming.
      • The Discord server option is not compatible with iOS systems due to Desktop Audio Capture restrictions.
  • For court video feed: GoPro Hero4 to 7
    • Hero8 and up do not have an HDMI out without buying extra addons. This is not a bad option, it’s just a little more expensive if this is something you don’t already have. This option is used in a few markets.
    • Hero3 and under have issues with newer types of gym lighting. This option is currently retired in most markets.
    • or other types of prosumer cameras, like the Sony NX5R.
  • For commentary: Wireless Headset system plugged into computers Line In port for commentary
  • For score clock assistance: Scoreboard App on laptop. This is not required, but it will be a big help.
  • To capture camera footage into computer: USB3 HDMI Capture Card
  • To get footage from the camera to the streaming computer: Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable

Resolutions and Bitrates

HD video over the internet is typically a 1080p format. The bitrate (usually listed in “mbps” or “kbps”) depends on the venue. Before deciding to stream in any venue, do a speed test by using or simply Googling “speed test” and hitting the “Run Test” button.

To have a comfortable stream with zero issues, you must see 8,000kbps or 8mbps for an upload speed at the VERY least.

You can get away with lower, but stream quality will take a hit. 

Twitch can take a maximum of 6mbps, but generally you can go with 4,000kbps under normal HD conditions. If you’re upload speed is hovering around 5,000kbps or less, you can knock your bitrate down to 2,500kbps and lower your output quality to 720p, but keep in mind, in a high velocity sport like dodgeball, that won’t look the best but it works for must-stream situations where local internet issues come into play.

So keep in mind, if your venue or mobile service has an upload speed of at least 8,000kbps you’re good to go!

Submitting your pre-recorded event

We can also stream your events pseudo-live, with or without commentary.

Before you schedule your event…

Contact us! We would live to help you get started on streaming your dodgeball events in whatever way best suits your needs! Want to start basic, or go all out right away? We’re ready to answer any questions that you may have that aren’t provided in this documentation. (new questions may be added)

How to get your event scheduled with Dodgeball on Twitch

Give us a shout and send us all the details about your scheduled event by using the button above! Let us know the dates, times (include timezone, that parts pretty important) city and venue as well as details on the main contact for the event.

We will contact you for more information, and if there are any scheduling conflicts, work towards a resolve so we can get your event out there in any way we can!

Have your setup ready to go before you schedule your event. Contact us using and we will get back to you with confirmation asap!

Please give at least two weeks notice for your live event.

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